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Our founder has been a hard-working American all his life. From serving his country in the Marine Corps, to now serving burgers off the back of a boat near you. Contact us for Veteran Discounts.

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Boating is our number one passion. We know how much work goes into a great day on the water, and we know how much it's worth it when that day turns out right.

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We only sell products that are durable, dependable, and easy to use. Each product is rigorously tested by our crew. They will use any excuse to head out on the boat, so we can assure you that each product is thoroughly qualified.


The Creation of Wake N Grill began while preparing for a boat camping trip to Lake Powell. Our crew intended on going up the lake as far as possible – 80 miles beyond our typical trip. Spending multiple days and nights on the lake meant the standard soggy sandwich setup wasn’t going to cut it.

Our founder was tired of having to anchor the boat and head to shore just to enjoy a freshly cooked meal. The entire anchoring and setup process simply took too much time away from exploring, and limited the opportunities where a meal could be enjoyed. He thought of an idea which allowed a removable grill to be attached near the stern of the boat, perching it in just the right location to be functional but not interfere the with any features of the boat. Elevated near the water to keep the interior and upholstery safe from rogue hot food, but close enough to be practical.

Teaming up with our current Lead Manufacturing Engineer from Fluid Concepts, the Wake N Grill prototype was created for its qualification trip to Lake Powell. Our crew tested the first Wake N Grill in multiple coves, canyons, and beaches – over hundreds of miles on the expedition. We couldn’t have been more stoked with the flexibility and quality of food we could prepare whenever, and wherever we wanted. The freedom to wakeboard one minute and then grill a hamburger while floating on the same boat was too unique not to share. After the Iconic Lake Powell grilling picture took a viral turn on social media, we recognized the need for such feature to be available for other boaters like us. Our plan is to have fun, while creating grilling and accessory options for other lakers who recognize how a back-boat grill could make their day on the water just a little better.



Questions about ordering your grill, what specific boat models it will fit, or something else? Fill out a quick contact form with your boat details, and we’ll get in touch to understand how we can enable epic future boat trips.

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Meet the lake locals behind Wake N Grill.