1.25″ Trailer Hitch Mount


The 1.25″ Trailer Hitch Mount is perfect for Side by Sides, Cars, and other vehicles with 1.25″ receivers (smaller than standard 2″ size).

Open up your grill opportunities off the water with the 1.25″ Trailer Hitch Mount.

Enable your ability to grill whenever you aren’t on the lake, bringing quality food in any environment and season.

Insert the mount into your trailer hitch and secure with your hitch pin. Attach the grill platform using the same one pin attachment as the swim platform mount.

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  • Trailer Hitch Mount is used to mount a Wake N Grill to your vehicle using the trailer hitch
  • Adapts Wake N Grill to any 1.25″ hitch
  • Also available: 2″ Trailer Hitch Mount
  • Stainless steel/anodized aluminum

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Weight 2.6 lbs


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