Wake N Grill



Quick Set-up

Simply attach our bracket to your swim platform in the recommended location. Then, use an easy one pin attachment for the stand to connect underneath the boat. Connect the grill and cooking platform, and you’ve got a set-up that takes 5 minutes or less.

Easy Storage

Each grill comes with a case to enable quick and clean storage. Keep all of your grilling assets in one condensed location, always ensuring you never leave home without the spatula.

Optimal Grilling

Mounting the grill over the swim platform provides many benefits. Avoid major burns or grease stains on your interior, while providing your passengers space to move around the boat. And, serving burgers to people from the back of your boat is pretty rad, too.


Attach an umbrella to extend the shade of your boat. Get the tailgate adapter, and you’re grilling on and off the water, year-round. More customizations available.

Fire Up Your Grill

Order a Wake N Grill for your boat today.
adjustable wakeboard grill


Customize the grill height and angle specific to your preferred back-of-the-boat setup.

detachable grill for wakeboard boat


Attaches beneath the swim deck to most wakeboard boats, and connects in seconds with one pin.

wake n grill bag and mid arm sleeve


Travel case allows you to store in the hatch or on the racks, and the grease pan helps prevent any mess.

How Does It Mount?

The Wake N Grill attaches to the cross bracket underneath your wake boat's swim platform. Our mount is built to fit a wide variety of boats, and uses a connection that allows you to adjust the angle of the grill to fit your needs. Attach the mount before you launch the boat, and leave it on the entire time. If you're concerned the mount won't fit your boat, contact us!

Wake N Grill Accessories

Maximize the use of your grill. Extend the shade, mount to your truck, and more.

Transform Boating As You Know It

Fuel up your team for longer trips, later nights, and better overall boating experiences. You won't believe the opportunities a Wake N Grill will enable.

Will It Fit My Boat?

A Wake N Grill fits most wake boats using either a Universal or Flat Mount Clamp. Determine which mount is needed based on what boat you have.

Universal Mount for Wake N Grill

Universal Clamp Mount

Quick bolt-on design perfect for newer Malibus, Nautiques, and Axis Wake Research boats.

flat mount for wake n grill

Flat Mount Clamp

Bolt-thru design enables grill mounting for newer boats such as MasterCraft, Tige, Centurion, MB Sports, Supra, Moomba, and more.